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Part-time TA Recruitment

Teaching Assistant [Part-time]

Job description:

Assisting teachers and students throughout the preparation and learning the course.


1. Assisting teachers in delivering lectures. 

2. Question-solving for students after lectures.

3. Be observant about potential questions from students.

4. Supervising students on finishing homework. Correcting students' essays and helping students with vocabulary. 

5. Active interaction with students, lecturers and co-workers. (Priority)

7. Help coordinate the lecture schedules.

9. Finishing other assigned admin work meticulously.


1. Bachelor's degree required. English and related majors preferred. Overseas background a definite plus.
2. CET 6 certification or fluency of English listening and speaking.
3. Comprehensive knowledge about the supported course.
4. Excellent communication skills, patience towards work and students.
5. Sense of punctuality and responsibility.