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tuition and scholarship

Tuition and Scholarship

Costs (: RMB. Yuan)

1)Application Fee: 800

2)Tuition Fees: The total tuition and Fees of two-year study equals ¥158,000 (e.g. ¥79,000/year, the payment methods are subjected to instructions of Tsinghua University).

3)Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: 600/year

4)Accommodation: 80/day-bed for single rooms and AB rooms, 40/day-bed for double rooms in student dormitories. 

Scholarship (: RMB. Yuan)

1)Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS). Applications should be submitted to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) (Website: http://www.campuschina.org) through recommendation by Chinese Embassies or Consulates or relevant organizations in applicant home countries between November and April (deadlines vary by country). Applicants are recommended to identify their respective countries’ application deadlines well in advance. A certificate of conditional acceptance should be obtained from the THU Graduate Admission Office beforehand if necessary. Admission documents of Chinese Government Scholarship holders will be issued by recommending scholarship organizations (excluding scholarship holders recommended by Tsinghua University). 

2)Besides, applicants may alternatively choose to apply for the Beijing Government Scholarship for master’s degree programs, which will typically support full, half, or partial tuition. The related website link is http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/is/9264/index.html. 

Note* Since ICPM is the high tuition fee with English taught programme, either the full scholarship of CSC or Beijing Government Scholarship cannot cover all the tuition fee. The candidate who gets the CSC or Beijing Government Scholarship should also pay the supplementary.

3)To consider of every international student, the Department of Construction Management will provide certain financial aid that is also judged by the comprehensive individual performance. Overall, the department will try its best to assist you. If you are enrolled in the programme, you can find more details in the pre-admission letter.

*Note: for more detailed information about introduction and application of scholarship, please visit http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn.