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2019 Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction

Courses and Visits

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Courses and Visits

Course outline

The 2019 Tsinghua summer school courses will cover hot topics in international construction, such as: global and Chinese construction industry and market, Information technology in construction industry, integrative design, date driven design construction, as-built 3D modeling, big and smart data analytics for infrastructure, safety and risk management etc.

Summer school students will have the opportunity to interact with professors, construction industry practitioners (either local or from abroad) and Chinese students. Site visits such as the Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest) and Tsinghua Art Museum will also be arranged. Besides the visits, there will also be a free day for the students to explore other parts of Beijing.


The program will be delivered in English.


Upon completion of the program, each student will be presented with a Certificate of Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction 2019 issued by Tsinghua University.


Here is the schedule for the 2019 Tsinghua Summer School of International Construction (1/7-9/7, 2019).